Assoc. Prof. Ekaterina Kozuharova

Pharmaceutical botany

Summer term

30 hours lectures

30 hours labs

Winter term

30 hours lectures

30 hours labs

Summer field course:  6 days in the field after the summer examinations and STUDENTS WILL BE REQUIRED TO ASSEMBLE INDIVIDUAL HERBARIUMS.

Examinations: A written exam, Current exams, Microscope slide test, Herbaria test, Colloquial quiz (minimal evaluation to pass the exam is “Satisfactory” 3 for each of these levels).



Organization of the life, Plant cell

Diversity of the plant world, Kingdom Micetalia (Fungi), Kingdom Vegetabilia (Plants) Algy  = primitive plants, Vascular plants = higher plants, Plant tissues, Plant organs (anatomy and morphology), Plant systematic, Phytogeography and Ecology




Scientific botanical research topics in the department are in the field of reproductive biology of plants - pollination biology, plant breeding systems, seed germination, ontogenesis of rare medicinal plants ex situ, autecology of rare plants, melysoopalinology etc.