faculty of pharmacy-medical universiy of sofia


Additional (Paid) september Examination Session


The electronic registration for the exams held in the period 21.09-25.09.2020 ends on 21.09 (Monday) at 9:00 AM.
The electronic registration for the exams, held in the period 28.09-2.10.2020, ends on 24.09 (Thursday) at 10:00.




Schedule for the Exams in the period 21.09 - 2.10




History of pharmacy 23.09

Pharmaceutical technology Part II 24.09 Physics and biophysics 25.09

Medical devices

Medical microbiology- 24.09 Physical chemistry with colloidal chemistry 25.09

Pharmaceutical technology Part I 23.09

Latin language- 29.09 Medicinal biochemistry 25.09
Pharmaceutical chemistry 23.09 Latin language- 30.09 Bromatology- 2.10
Social pharmacy 23.09 Human anatomy-29.09 Analytical chemistry- 30.09
Medical genetics Pharmaceutical chemistry-29.09 Pharmaceutical technology - part 1- 30.09
Pharmacoeconomics 23.09 Pharmacognosy Part I-29.09 Pharmacoeconomics 30.09
Toxicology-29.09 Pharmacognosy Part II- 29.09

Pharmaceutical botany-1.10

Social pharmacy 30.09 Latin language- 30.09 Pharmaceutical botany -2.10

History of pharmacy - 30.09

Organic chemistry-1.10

Hygiene and ecology -2.10

Pathophysiology- 30.09

Pharmaceutical technology - Part 2 -1.10 Physical chemistry with colloidal chemistry -2.10
General and inorganic chemistry -1.10

Molecular biology -2.10

Pharmacology  -2.10

Pharmaceutical chemistry-1.10

Information technology-2.10  
Higher mathematics -2.10 Pharmaceutical analysis -2.10  
Human physiology -2.10 Biopharmacy and pharmacokinetics -2.10    


Important additional information: The amounts are transferred only by bank transfer (BGN 90 for one exam for foreign students studying in English).Payment documents should be scanned or photographed with a mobile phone and (mandatory) sent immediately after electronic registration to e-mail: dekanat2@pharmfac.mu-sofia.bg To successfully complete your registration for the exam and to be included in the examination protocols , for the respective date, it is necessary to confirm the payment, which is done by checking the payment document sent by e-mail. It is also possible to transfer the required amount (please remain the Bank`s fee if you transfer money from Greece) for taking several exams with one payment order. Please indicate in the text of the payment order for taking the exam in which disciplines the respective amount has been transferred.

Example: Fac. No, course (1-st to 5-th), name of the subject/s

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