Department of Social Pharmacy

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Head of Department:
Prof. Guenka Petrova, M Pharm., M Econ, PhD, DSc.
Tel.: + 359.292.365.45



Brief historical outline: 
The Department of Social Pharmacy was founded in 1947 with the introduction of the course “History of Pharmacy and Organization of National Pharmaceutical Network”. The course was delivered by Prof. A. Boeva. From 1957 till 1972 the lectures on organization, planning and economics of national pharmaceutical network (without history of pharmacy) were delivered by Assoc. Prof. V. Novachkov.  In 1972 the Department became an independent Faculty Unit.

Heads of the Department since its establishment: Assoc. Prof. Mihail Milev, Prof. Drumi Bainov, Prof. Zlatka Dimitrova and Assoc. Prof. Mona Stefanova.


The Department of Social Pharmacy with the following disciplines: History of Pharmacy, Social Pharmacy and legislation, Pharmacoeconomics, Pharmaceutical care, Pharmacoepidemiology, Industrial Pharmacy, Medical devices, Applied mathematics and Mathematical Modelling and Computer Statistics, is a pioneer in teaching and research concerning:

  • pharmaceutical and drug legislation
  • pharmacy practice
  • drug information
  • patient counselling
  • medicines usage, drug related problems
  • pharmaceutical care
  • pharmacoeconomics
  • pharmacoepidemiology
  • history of pharmacy
  • medical devices
  • pharmaceutical business
  • pharmaceutical marketing and management


The department of Social Pharmacy educates Master of Pharmacy students (5 years), postgraduate students and PhD students.


Department Staff:


Prof. Guenka Petrova, DSc

+ 3592 9236 545
  Prof. Valentina Petkova, DSc + 3592 9236 593

Prof. Ilko Getov, PhD

+ 3592 9236 587
  Prof. Alexandra Savova, PhD + 3592 9236 533
  Prof. Manoela Manova, PhD + 3592 9236 533
  Prof. Konstantin Mitov,PhD + 3592 9236 508
  Assoc. Prof. Miglena Doneva,PhD + 3592 9236 508
  Assoc. Prof. Marya Dimitrova,PhD + 3592 9236 508
  Assoc. Prof. Marya Kamusheva,PhD + 3592 9236 568
  Assist. Prof. Zornitza Mitkova,PhD + 3592 9236 568
  Assist. Prof. Konstantin  Tashkov,PhD + 3592 9236 589

Svetla Radonova, MSci (pharmacy)

+ 3592 9236 574



Department Staff and colleagues



The scientists from the department of Social Pharmacy are working as national consultants in the field of national drug policy, pharmacoeconomics, drug safety and pharmaceutical marketing. They are collaborating as members of scientific committee with the National Drug Agency and the Ministry of Health. Close academic and scientific links have been established with similar Departments in Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands, Poland, France, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Turkey, etc.

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