Department of
Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmaceutics

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Head of the Department:

Prof. Dr. Krassimira Yoncheva, DSc

Tel.: (+359-2) 9236-525


Brief historical outline:

The department was set up in 1942 as a part of the Section of Pharmacy at the Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics of the University of Sofia "St. Kliment Ochridski". At first it was part of the Department of Pharmacognosy and Galenic Pharmacy and later in 1947 it was established as an independent unit. Prof. Dr. Trendafil A. Trendafilov (1907-1976) was one of the founders and the first Head of the department. When he retired in 1972, Prof. Dr. Ivan Issaev (1920-1995) became Head of the Department of General and Industrial Pharmaceutical Technology. Prof. Dr. Evgenii Minkov was Head of the Department in the period 1985-2000. Prof. Nikolai Lambov, Ph.D., was Head of the Department in the period 2000 -2021.

  • Galenic Pharmacy (1945-1963);

  • Technology of Drug Dosage Forms - 1963;

  • Industrial Technology of Drug Dosage Forms and Galenical Preparations - 1963;

  • Pharmaceutical Technology - 1980;

  • Technology of Drug Forms and Biopharmaceutics - since 1995

  • Organization and Economics of the National Pharmaceutical Network and Medical Equipment (1951-1972).

With the introduction of Industrial Pharmacy in 1967 visiting lecturers deliver courses in Mechanics and Engineering Drawing, Thermotechnics, Automation, Perfume and Cosmetics, Organization and Economics of the Pharmaceutical Industry (till 1973).

Chief Assist. Prof. Viktoria Mihailova, PhD 
Chief  Assist. Prof. Hristina Voicheva,Ph.D 
Chief  Assist. Prof. Dilyana Georgieva,PhD 
Chief Assist. Prof. Marta Slavkova,PhD 
Chief Assist. Prof. Teodora Popova,PhD 

Subjects and duration of Courses:

Core Subjects:

  • Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmacy - V-VIII semesters
    (lectures - 120 h, practicum - 330 h).

  •  Biopharmacy and pharmacokinetic - IX semester
    (lectures - 30 h, practicum - 90 h).


  • Technological and Biopharmaceutical Control of Drugs;

  • Technology of Medicinal Cosmetics;

  • Stability, Stabilization and Prognosticating of Drug Forms Stability;

  • Technological Specifics of Drug Forms for Eye Treatment;

  • Drug Forms for Topical Application in Dermatology;

  • Rectal and Vaginal Drug Forms;

  • Clinical Pharmacy.

Technological and biopharmaceutical research for the development of new drug dosage forms is being carried out. It includes the study of: 

  • Oral, intradermal, rectal, vaginal and ophthalmological drug dosage forms (on the basic of registered and experimental drugs and additives);

  • The pharmacodynamics of various drugs, its mechanism, factors that influence it and the possibilities of achieving optimal biopharmaceutical effects;

  • Developing of in vitro methods which adequately correlate with in vivoresults;

  • Interactions of drugs and/or additives which affect the stability of the drug forms;

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